GMD Receives $500,000.00 Grant

The South Carolina Department of Commerce announced August 26, 2011 that Greenwood Metropolitan District had been awarded a $500,000.00 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). The projects receiving grants were selected through a statewide competitive process.

GMD will use the $500,000.00 federal grant to make improvements to its wastewater collection system. George Martin, GMD's General Manager, said the project will install 2,500 feet of new 8" PVC sewer line and use cast-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining technology to rehabilitate another 1,100 feet of existing sewer line in the Panola Mill Village replacing deteriorated clay lines that are more than 90 years old. 

Martin said the new lines will be installed under the sidewalks along Second, Third and Forth Streets.

Since 2007, GMD has received $2.3 million in CDBG funds which the District has used to help upgrade its wastewater collection system. Martin said GMD will continue to apply for CDBG funds and other grants in order to continue its efforts to upgrade Greenwood's infrastructure. GMD is very pleased that the Department of Commerce has made this investment in upgrading the sewer system and thereby helping protect the environment and public health for those who live in Greenwood.