Making Clean Water

Wastewater, also referred to as sewer water, is the water you flush down your toilet and the water that goes down your drain. Our wastewater system includes over 410 miles of wastewater lines, 607 low pressure pumps and 32 lift stations. This system is designed to collect and transport the wastewater to one of two wastewater treatment plants.   At the treatment plants, the wastewater is treated twenty-four hours each and every day, so that pollutants are removed for safe discharge into receiving waters – meeting all state and federal parameters.

What We Do

A wastewater collection system is a series of pipes that transport wastewater from homes, businesses and industries to a centralized treatment plant. Transport of the wastewater is either by gravity (the preferred method) or with the use sanitary lift or pump stations to either a location that gravity can be used or to another lift or pump station and finally to the wastewater treatment plant. In either case, the collection system has many functioning parts.



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