Sewer Rate Schedule

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Effective January 1, 2023 (unless otherwise noted)                          

Meter Size Monthly Charge
5/8 inch or 3/4 $17.11           
1.0 inch $42.78
1.5 inch $85.55
2.0 inch $136.88
3.0 inch $273.76
4.0 inch $427.75
6.0 inch $855.50
8.0 inch $1,368.80
10.0 inch * $1,967.65



Rate Code  Customer Class Monthly Flow (CF)  Rate/100 CF
4100 Residential All Billable Flow $4.90
4200 Commercial All Billable Flow $4.90
4201 Industrial All Billable Flow $4.90


Note:    For billing purposes, residential wastewater flow is capped at a maximum of 2,300 CF per month.


Monthly Sewer Flat Rate (No water meter)

Rate Code Customer Class Monthly Charage
4110 Residential $46.51

 Assumes a 5/8" or 3/4" meter plus 1,220 CF of monthly flow. 



Sewer Viability Charge (New):


Rate Code  Customer Class Monthly Flow (CF)  Rate/100 CF
4XXX Residential All Billable Flow $0.15
4XXX Commercial All Billable Flow $0.15
4XXX Industrial All Billable Flow $0.15


Allocated Capacity Charge: effective date: April 1, 2023

Customer Class Allocagted or Purchased REUs Monthly Rate / REU Current Monthly Rate/REU
Commercial Over 1 $2.50 N/A
Industrial Over 1 $2.50 N/A


Additional Excessive Use Charge: effective date: April, 2023

Customer Class Monthly Flow Approved Rate / 100 CF Current Monthly Rate / 100 CF
Commercial Billable Flow in excess of REUs allocated or purchased $3.95 N/A
Industrial Billable Flow in excess of REUs allocated or purchased $3.95 N/A


Impact Fee

(Formerly named: Capacity Fee and Availability Fee)

All new connections to the system shall be subject to an Impact Fee. Impact Fees, also referred to as privilege fees, infrastructure fees, availability or capacity fees, are a method of partially financing new wastewater treatment facilities and wastewater trunkline extensions in areas of substantial growth. The cost of these improvements is shared proportionately by new users. Impact Fees vary and are proportional to the expected volume of wastewater discharge. These charges are determined individually by the District’s staff at a rate of $1,600.00 per REU (Residential Equivalent Unit), which is defined as a discharge of 300 gallons per day. Expected discharge volumes of greater than 300 gallons per day are calculated at the same rate of $1,600 per 300 gallons per day. The minimum Impact Fee is $1,600.00

Connection Fee

(Formerly named: Tap Fee or Transmission Fee)

All new connections to the system shall be subject to a Connection Fee of $1,100.00 (no change)

Inspection Fee

Inspection fees for new construction and abandonments District-wide $125.00

All low-pressure Pump Inspections District-wide $250.00

Re-Inspection Fee District-wide additional $150.00
(New connections, abandonments, low pressure pumps)

Low Pressure Pump Maintenance Fee

(Formerly named: Grinder Pump Fee)

All low-pressure pump maintenance District-wide $19.22/ month Currently $17.28


Pretreatment Surcharge Rate Schedule


For all users who discharge wastewater in excess of domestic strength. The surcharge billing is based upon the number of pounds of BOD5 (five-day biochemical oxygen demand) and the number of pounds of TSS (total suspended solids) above specified maximum concentration (300 ppm BOD5 and 300 ppm suspended solids).

Similarly, the surcharge billing will apply for oil and grease for concentrations above 100 ppm.

Surcharge Rates: 0.552        301-900 mg/l per pound BOD5
0.828        901-1200 mg/l per pound BOD5
1.106        1200 + mg/l per pound BOD5
0.424         per pound TSS
0.289         per pound Oil & Grease


CF: Cubic Feet
REU: Residential Equivalent Unit